Oil Lubricated for Air Compressors


Air compressors are used to store pressurized air which is obtained by converting the power obtained from a gasoline engine, diesel,etc.. into potential energy. There are different ways in which the air compression can be done. The air compressor gets turned off if the pressure inside the tank exceeds the desired limit. The kinetic energy of the stored air is used for a lot of applications like supplying high-pressure clean air for filling gas cylinders. This can be done by releasing the clean air via a small nozzle.

Air compressor pumps come in two types: oil Lubricated and oil-less.The oil lubricated air compressors last for more time, less loud, cheaper as compared to oil-less pumps. These pumps provide equally good air quality compared to the oil-less systems. This article will guide you on how to choose an oil Lubricated for Air compressor and also a suitable Air compressor.


Things to consider before choosing an Oil Lubricated for Air compressor:

  • The oil used for lubrication should be of a high quality such that the piston chamber which compresses the air moves efficiently. There are different varieties of oil which come with different levels of viscosity and fluidity. Thus, always choose the oil that is recommended for your machine.
  • The frequent up and down movement of the piston generates a lot of heat and tension inside the tank which cannot dissipate anywhere because of the tight containers.Hence, it is important to choose the oil which is able to remove the heat that is generated from the compression. It is really important as overheating could destroy the machine or the vehicle in which the compressor is being used.
  • The oil should last longer(say, for at least a few months) before needing replacement. Certain oils lose their fluidity and sometimes get stuck between the chambers thus increasing the friction between the layers or the parts in the compressor.
  • The oil being used should act like a sealant which prevents any flow of external air and also should not allow any of the internal air to leak out. Since the air leaks out at very high pressure and is also really hot, it could lead to serious injuries or destruction.
  • The oil lubricated for air compressor should not corrode the layer which is in contact with it. 

What Air compressor to choose?

Always choose air compressors which are easily portable. So, find the ones which have small storage tanks and is also attached to wheels and handles that helps in faster movement across different areas. Prefer compact air compressors compared to the traditional/stationary models which weigh too much, occupy a lot of space and are also difficult to maintain.

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Take some time to choose the style of the compressor. They come in the following styles:

  • Pancake: These compressors come with a round and highly flat storage tanks that are mounted at the bottom. This design is proven to add more stability to the machine and also occupies very minimal space.
  • Hot Dog: They have a single cylindrical tank with a horizontal design.
  • Twin-Stack: These are one of the high-end compressors having two cylindrical tanks. This stacked design allows more air capacity to the compressor thereby saving more floor space.
  • Wheelbarrow: This compressor has twin cylindrical tanks and is attached to a handle and a wheel that allows easy mobility.

A word of caution:

It is a good practice to always follow the product manufacturer’s instructions while using/buying an air compressor to ensure safety.


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