What to look for when getting a vertical air compressor

An air compressor is a tool that we all have at home and if you don’t have one, believe me, you will need it at some point. They come in different designs vertical and horizontal. Some are oil-free while others are oiled. All this are factors that you will need to know about compressors before you decide to get one, either for your garage at home or for other types of work at your home.

An air compressor uses a piston to draw air. Afterwards, the air is then compacted into a storage tank. This basically means that the whole time the pistons are usually in play. In general basic knowledge, this piston need lubrication for easier movement and also to prevent them from damaging.

The difference between an oiled air compressor and oil-free air compressor is that an oil-free air compressor uses the Teflon technology. This is pre-lubricated cylinders. The coating also does help in the safeguarding of your pump. This kind of compressors doesn’t really need any oiling.


Oiled air compressors need lots of maintenance because you need to keep on checking the oil levels. Usually, they come with manuals that explain how regularly you should check that. Many of this oiled air compressors are cheaper than the oil-free air compressors. The designs too are simpler. They will also last longer compared to the oil-free air compressors.


Oil-free air compressors on the other said are well known for a there cheap maintenance cost. They are also not heavy due to there makes and are very easily portable. Some will come in different designs and one of them is the vertical design. These kinds of compressors are best for small and no very tough jobs. In short, I would say they are not for commercial use.


In most cases, these kinds of air compressors don’t last long. This is in the case where they are doing loads of heavy work. Mostly this is usually due to the fact that you cant oil the pistons after the Teflon is damaged.


Depending on where you live and where you plan to be working from, the amount of noise produced by the air compressors is also a very big factor. The oiled air compressors are not usually very noisy and the most appropriate for silent places like residential areas or for people with hearing problems. Oil-free air compressors on the other side produce more noise due to the fact that they have no real time lubrication.

So next time you will be thinking of buying an air compressor then you should have this pros and cons in your mind.

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