medium curly hair

What kind of haircut for medium curly hair

For women, it’s simple: “Straight hair needs to be curled, curly hair needs to be straightened, short hair needs to be boosted, and long hair needs to be cut. No matter how ridiculous it sounds, but the fact remains. And sometimes, many women are jealous of the owners of thick curls and dream about the same haircut. However, most of these ladies do not even realize how hard it is to take care of curly hair. Not only that they are constantly tangled, but also with the selection of haircuts and styling there are a lot of problems and questions.

To begin with, let’s understand that curly and wavy hair – that is not the same. Curly hair has a softer, smoother texture. It is wavy hair is the most frizzy. It also creates a lot of problems with the selection of the optimal haircut and styling. After all, if you make too short a haircut, the hair will stick out and the image will look messy, and with long hair there are a lot of problems with styling. That is why it is recommended to choose a medium length for wavy hair. Although again, it all depends on the character and lifestyle of the owner of wavy locks.

However, there are a few basic rules for cutting wavy hair, which should be respected in any case:

You can not do filleting along the entire length, as this will make wavy hair frizz even more.

You should not cut the top layer too short, unless of course you want to look like a poodle.

It is not advisable to cut it too short if your hair is too frizzy. It will look messy.

When choosing a haircut, you should also consider the shape and features of your face.

Next, let’s take a look at the main haircut options for wavy hair.

medium curly hair

Cascade haircut on wavy hair

Cascade haircut is probably the best option for wavy hair. The main feature of the cascade haircut is that the strands of it go smoothly and accurately, and a harmonious transition from short curls to longer looks very beautiful and stylish on curly hair. In addition, cascade haircut suits almost any shape of the face, and depending on the length can play with very different colors.

Graduated haircut on wavy hair

A graduation haircut is a cutting of the hair at a certain angle. Graduated haircut is often also called “staircase”. However, it is not the only one. With the help of graduation, even a square cut can be formed. Of course, the graduation inherently resembles a bit of a cascade, but their main difference is that the graduation changes the length of the strands only in the front, and the cascade haircut it occurs along the entire length evenly.

Kare on wavy hair

If you have thin, but at the same time wavy hair, then a curly-cut is your perfect option. The carriage not only allows you to achieve volume in thin hair, but in combination with light waves looks just delightful. The length of the haircut is of course chosen individually, but the variety of ways to lay this haircut allows the woman to look differently every day and to experiment with all kinds of images. Currently, the most popular version of this haircut is asymmetrical bangs, which slightly covers the forehead and smoothly flows into the main length.