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What kind of haircut for medium curly hair

For women, it’s simple: “Straight hair needs to be curled, curly hair needs to be straightened, short hair needs to be boosted, and long hair needs to be cut. No matter how ridiculous it sounds, but the fact remains. And sometimes, many women are jealous of the owners of thick curls and dream about the same haircut. However, most of these ladies do not even realize how hard it is to take care of curly hair. Not only that they are constantly tangled, but also with the selection of haircuts and styling there are a lot of problems and questions. Read more

Top Bob Hairstyles For Women Over 60

Hairstyle tells a lot about one’s personality. As people change within time both mentally and physically, so should the hairstyle. Some find it difficult to make tremendous changes in appearance with every important life period while for others it is the main drive to keep going. Here we will talk about timelessly popular and stylish bob hairstyle and how women over 60 may benefit from it.

One of the most precious things about bob haircut is that it suits almost all face shapes and personality types. There is even a bob that can fit your hair texture, whether straight or curly or somewhere in between. Moreover, several modifications in terms of shapes, layers as well as colors are possible making the hairstyling game even more exciting. Bob in no way can be regarded as a boring haircut as this is far from truth and here is why.

Bob Modifications for Older Women

Originally, the bob haircut represents a cut straight around the head combined with a fringe at the front. This is one of the most classic bob hairstyles one could possibly imagine. Even without significant changes, this haircut suits women with nice jawlines and necks. Given its voluminous looks and the elegance which it adds to the overall image, classic one will suit sophisticated women at its best.

Here are slightly modified bob hairstyles for over 60 interested in experiments:

  • wavy: a perfect pick for those with a round face. If you have curly or thick, wavy hair, a bob should then have many layers and texturized ends reducing the volume;
  • a-line: with the back layers being a bit shorter than the front ones, women having their hair cut into this one will feel younger and more confident;
  • short: for rather thinned hair, a shorter cut in many layers is nothing but the best option. Side-swept bangs are a great addition that is flattering to every face shape as well;
  • sophisticated: a majority of stylish women decide to cut their hair short later in life. A graduated bob that is simple and matches your hair texture can help you create a very sophisticated look.

All in all, bob works for any situation, hair length and hair structure. It seems to be a universally good hairstyle suiting both young and older ladies. With various modifications one may easily create a unique look corresponding to one’s personality. Among such options are wavy or a-line haircuts as well as shorter and more sophisticatedly styled versions.