Things You Want To Know About Shaggy Hairstyles

Many women even in their 60s remain beauty idols for their families and friends. Undoubtedly, this requires enormous effort. However, what matters even more is the readiness for changes and frequent updates of appearance in accordance with the changes of body and mind. And the most obvious thing to start is a hairstyle. Whether you have a fine and light hair or a voluminous and thick hair, there is a variety of opportunities to style it.

One of the first things to opt for when at hairdresser’s is a shaggy hairstyle. Shags are all about choppy ends, layering and a ton of texture. Thus, the stylist adds volume where needed, creates dimension if hair looks too flat, and gets the client out of hair breakage. By considering all these factors, one definitely gets that brand new and stylish shaggy hairstyles for fine hair over 60 which senior ladies are dreaming of.

Top Tips for Shaggy Hairstyle

Once you have decided that you are ready to try something new, tell your stylist all the details. This would help both of you be on the same page and achieve the objective. You will also have to regularly trims the ends not to let your hairstyle look too shaggy or messy. Here are our main suggestions as to shaggy hairstyles for fine hair over 60, feel free to try some of them:

  • shag with the bangs: make sure bangs works for your face form and shape, however, do not be afraid to modify it. For some, shaggy hairstyles become a turning point of their hairstyle life as they may look unexpectedly stylish and worth trying;
  • tousled shag: this one is a dream of busy senior ladies as it does not require much effort at styling. Once your pixie haircut is done, you just have to make it look messy with your own hands and you are good to go!
  • medium shag cut: this one looks particularly good on women with glasses as well as wavy hair. With volume and waves, you will definitely reach an ultimate romantic look;
  • messy medium shag: as you come into play of effortless looks, messiness is everything in it. Since senior ladies do not like to look too severe and serious, the messier is the better.

All in all, your whole look as well as inner state largely depends on the way you care about your hairstyle. Especially after 60 women tend to forget the excitement of experimenting with hair and making bold decisions. To change the situation, simply try something new and as the article shows, something really shaggy!